FamilySmart® staff members

Our Staff

We are an organization of people with lived experience in mental health and/or substance use.

Leadership Staff

President & CEO – Keli Anderson

Director, Programs and Services – Christie Durnin

Director, Fundraising – Andrea Simpson

Director, Human Resources – Robin Brown

Manager, Operations – Bianca Geng

Managers, PiR/YiR Program – Kerrie Brown & Tara Wolff /

Manager & Facilitator, FamilySmart Practice – Victoria Keddis

Program Manager, Health Literacy – Ashten Black

Manager, Learning and Development – Janet Crowe

Parent in Residence – Youth in Residence

Click here to see all of our PiR and YiR staff.

FamilySmart® Practice Consultants

Colleen Ellis

Tammy Music

Support Staff

PiR/YiR Support & Development Coordinator – Marlisse McRobie & Lori Raible /

Office and Technology Administrator – Jen Juhasz