Dianne McConnell, PhD

Director & Governance Committee Chair

Dianne began her career as a teacher with the Parkland School Division. She completed her PhD in Special Education and was also a registered psychologist for 24 years.  She has worked as a Vision Consultant (Teacher for the Visually Impaired), Director of Student Services at multiple school divisions, led the Alberta Provincial initiative for inclusion (Setting the Direction) and has been the Associate Superintendent with Parkland School Division over the past eight years. While her list of career accomplishments is indeed extensive, perhaps more important has been her role as a parent. She is also the mother of three children, two of which have complex health conditions, including vision loss. She has been involved in advocacy in the field of Blindness and Visual Impairment at both the provincial and national levels for over 30 years. Dianne brings a unique perspective to this subject matter. Through her experience as an educator and a parent of children with severe disabilities, she is well-versed on the ongoing challenges families and practitioners face in dealing with complex situations. She has worked as a service provider and has also been the benefactor of service provision. She has been a dedicated advocate throughout her career and is passionate about making a difference for children and their families.