Stephanie Winitsky

Director & Finance Committee Member

Stephanie Winitsky is passionate and committed to improving the child and youth mental health care system. She has worked and volunteered in the healthcare field since 2011, where her non-profit experience has been focused on youth in the areas of access to mentoring (MyVision Global) and education.

A designated Chartered Accountant, Ms. Winitsky began her career in Toronto, gaining extensive experience designing and implementing system change and optimization projects for some of Canada’s leading companies, organizations and NGOs. A bold thinker with a tremendous capacity for building meaningful relationships, Ms. Winitsky is currently, Manager of Finance & Operations at lululemon, where she provides strategic leadership to several collaborative initiatives supporting improved outcomes for the company.

As a representative of the millennial generation and the youngest member of the FamilySmart® Board, she is keen to support FamilySmart’s leaders to transform the way we think and talk about mental health.