Meet Lulu, FamilySmart’s New Mascot

Lulu was created as a mascot for FamilySmart to represent who we are as an organization, who we are as people who work for FamilySmart and to bring some lightness to what is often difficult times for young people managing mental health challenges and their families or caring adults. FamilySmart honours young people struggling with their mental health and their families or caring adults and so does Lulu. 

Lulu is a bright, playful, engaged, friendly, and perhaps a little shy, character. She is meant to be enjoyed by all.

Graeme Partridge-David, FamilySmart Parent in Residence, created Lulu as he is also a very talented cartoonist. Please enjoy some colouring pages featuring Lulu. 

We look forward to seeing your creations. Please take a photo and email it to us at or share it on your social media accounts and tag us at or Facebook/FamilySmart. 

We hope you love Lulu as much as we do.