“You are important to us and we care about you.  Mental Health challenges are often really hard, whether you’re living it, working in it, or both. We all need help in supporting our own, and/or others’ mental health. It is what we call being Together-Centred™”

Parent & Youth in Residence

FamilySmart® Parents In Residence (PiR) and Youth In Residence (YiR) provide peer support, mentoring, system navigation and access to information, resources, networks and education for:

  • Youth or young adult with lived experience of mental health and/or substance use challenges
  • Families and caregivers parenting children, youth or young adults with mental health and/or substance use challenges
  • Service Providers/Professionals and Systems; to assist and support them in their work with young people and families.

The following quote is just one from the 2017 PiR/YiR Program Evaluation. See full report here.

“If we couldn’t count on the PiR in the background to be the glue connecting and supporting families, it would be much more of a challenge to manage waitlists.”

– CYMH Clinician

Click here to see a list of our PiRs & YiRs: Parent & Youth in Residence

If you are interested in finding out more about our PiR/YiR Program, please email us at

FamilySmart® Practice Program

FamilySmart® Practice is about enhancing the experience and quality of services, information, and supports for children, youth, young adults and their families through a shared practice we call Together-Centred™. It brings together young people, families and service providers / professionals to learn with and from each other and develop intentional personal and professional practice that can enhance child and youth mental health.

If you are a service provider or professional and would like to participate in our FamilySmart® Practice Training or help develop FamilySmart® Practice Tools or receive our support in enhancing your services and/or practice, connect with us at

Check out our FamilySmart® Practice Tools developed with service providers/professionals:

View our latest FamilySmart® Practice Tool – Language We Use

FamilySmart® Practice Tools – Language

Other resources: Resources

Health Literacy

FamilySmart® believes it matters that health literacy about people, needs to be created with those people. This is our practice in our 2 Health Literacy Programs.

Many service providers, professionals and systems participate in our May 7 Child & Youth Mental Health Day.

Started by our organization in 2007, this day is about creating caring connections between children and youth and those that care about/or care for them. Our campaign is called “I care about you” and it provides health literacy and materials to sites across Canada to raise awareness and literacy about child and youth mental health.

Check out some resources for May 7th developed with young people:

Unfolding Conversations – 2017

Unfolding Conversations – 2016

If you, or others you know would like to participate by doing something on May 7th, check out our materials here:

A monthly webinar that explores topics, related to child and youth mental health and substance use challenges, that matter to families and those working with young people and families. Participate in person at a community site near you or view a webinar from our online library anytime. In person In the Know community events run Sept-June.

Is your computer compatible with Mediasite? Test it at Sonic Foundry.Your feedback matters and helps us be able to create more webinars like these. Please take 2 minutes to share your thoughts about the webinar you just watched or the In the Know session you just attended.