FamilySmart® Practice Program

FamilySmart® Practice is about enhancing the experience and quality of services, information, and supports for children, youth, and their families through a shared practice we call Together-Centred™. It brings together young people, families and service providers to learn with and from each other and develop intentional personal and professional practice that can enhance child and youth mental health.

There are 3 components of the FamilySmart® Practice Program.


Step 1 is a one-day training session that brings together young people, families/caring adults and service providers.  Using the FamilySmart® Practice Framework, the training offers and draws out examples of what it looks like and sounds like when things go well between young people, families and service providers.  Together, we identify some of the skills and practices that support the relationship between young people and adults, and families and service providers. We know that relationships matter and can enhance the mental health of children and youth. FamilySmart® Practice Training is an opportunity to share your perspective and to hear the perspective of others, so we can learn with and from each other.  ASK us more about this at


Step 2 is for organizations who want to learn more about how to apply FamilySmart® Practice. We know that you are already doing good work.  We also know, that there is always more to learn and consider.  Our team is available to consult with you to hear what is going well and to think with you, drawing on the experience of other young people, families and professionals, about what it might look like and sound like for your organization to implement FamilySmart® Practice to an existing practice and/or service delivery area.  ASK us more about this at


Step 3 is for organizations who wish to take the next step in implementing FamilySmart® Practice after consultation with the FamilySmart® Practice Team. How this looks is different for each setting and we help service providers decide on what practice or service they wish to apply FamilySmart® Practice to and then we design the approach and plan and implement it together with you. ASK us more about this at

For a full report on how FamilySmart® Practice influences child/youth mental health click here.

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"We are all family members, whether our family is natural, chosen, large or small, temporary or permanent, conventional or unconventional, resilient or fragile. Our experiences with family shape us." (Families at the Centre – BC)

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