Health Literacy Program

FamilySmart® believes it matters that health literacy about people, needs to be created with those people. This is our practice in our 2 Health Literacy Programs.

FamilySmart® has 2 Health Literacy Programs:

In the Know (ItK)

‘in the know’ provides expert speakers on topics important to young people, families and/or those working to support the mental health of children and youth. Participating can happen either in person at various community sites or online.

The in person viewing also provides an opportunity for supported conversations between families and/or service providers.

Watch any topic from our library!  You can search for the topic by keyword, view channels of topics that share common themes and/or scroll the whole catalog and watch what interests you.

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AND – your feedback is important.  Please take 2 minutes to share your thoughts about what you watched online or in person.

May 7 – Child & Youth Mental Health Day

May 7th is about having caring conversations that help make connections between children, youth and the caring adults in their lives.  Caring connections enhance the mental health of children and youth and it is part of their overall health.

View our  “Be That Caring Adult” video.

Thank you for your interest and activities planned for Child & Youth Mental Health Day.

Please stay tuned for 2019 updates and materials.