Health Literacy Program

FamilySmart® believes it matters that health literacy about people, needs to be created with those people. This is our practice in our 2 Health Literacy Programs.

FamilySmart® has 2 Health Literacy Programs:

‘in the know’ provides expert speakers on topics important to families who are parenting a child or youth with a mental health and/or substance use challenge and/or those working to support the mental health of children and youth.

Watch an ItK video from our library or join an online discussion with other families to connect and learn. Online ItK discussions are facilitated by Parents in Residence and hosted monthly for families to join.

Join us for an online discussion with other families from your community

May 7 – Child & Youth Mental Health Day

Thank you for joining us online on May 7, 2020 as we celebrated National Child & Youth Mental Health Day. We loved having you join us for our live online events as well as connect with us through social media. We hope you enjoyed our resources and you were able to connect through caring messages.

Check back with us in the Spring about plans for May 7, 2021

View our  “Be That Caring Adult” video.