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We rely on donors, like you, to continue to provide our vital services to improve child and youth mental health.

Monthly Gift

Monthly donors share our ongoing commitment to children and youth. Together, we care deeply about mental health and work for change by supporting families and making caring connections. Monthly gifts offer sustainable funds that enable FamilySmart® to plan for the future, expand our programs and help even more families in need. Get started.

Not ready to give monthly? Make a one-time donation.

Leave a Gift in Your Will

Big or small, a gift in your Will can provide a brighter future for child and youth mental health in Canada. Your gift could mean that no matter what challenges are ahead, FamilySmart can be there for families and their children, offering resources, training and peer support when it is needed most. For a factsheet on leaving a gift in your will please contact us.

Donate Stocks and Securities

Donating publicly-traded stocks or mutual funds to FamilySmart® offers you a tax-smart way of giving. You will need to instruct your broker to transfer the securities to the FamilySmart® brokerage account so please contact us for more information.

Become an Ambassador

FamilySmart® Ambassadors demonstrate their commitment to child and youth mental health by donating $5,000 or more each year and being actively involved in the work of FamilySmart®. As partners in our work, Ambassadors receive one-to-one updates, special recognition and unique opportunities to connect with FamilySmart® and our team on a regular basis to see the long-term impact of your gift. Contact us for additional information or make a donation today.